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We are Paisley Pins!

May 10, 2017, Author: Paisley Pins

Hello, this is our first ever blog post and what better way to start than an introduction to ourselves, so get comfy and have a cuppa for 5 minutes with Paisley Pins.

Why the name…?

Our name Paisley Pins basically reflects our two launch products, our bestselling acrylic pins and hand dyed/laser etched aluminium pins. At the time we had no idea how popular they would become our how our ranges would expand, but the name has stuck with us.

What motivates you?

Laura:  My family, being able to work hours to suit around my three children is very important to me, I want to be instil in them that hard work is required to get what you want. However I am also ambitious and enjoy the continuous learning that comes from working in the creative sector.

Andrea:  On a work level, to create a product which translates on both a creative and commercial platform. Personally, I love to travel and visit new places. I’m a keen snowboarder, so in the winter that’s more or less all I think about. In the summer I love walking and hiking with the family and going to music festivals and gigs.

What does Paisley Pins bring to the design world that other brands don’t?

Laura: We are bring a new lease of life to a traditional pattern, giving it a contemporary twist by using bright acrylic colours and laser cutting/etching.

Andrea: It feels right now that so many of the products I see are very homogeneous. Our work stands out as being a bit different I think due to the inspiration being drawn from a textile design and then being translated to a different medium.

What’s the biggest challenge facing the design industry?

For us don’t think there is any one big thing, but lots of smaller things: being able to scale our production without losing our identity, keeping up to date with design software and new technologies all whilst trying to stand out in such a vibrant but saturated sector.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?

Laura: To keep at it. And never stop learning, its the only way to keep moving forward.

Andrea: Take lots of small risks, when things don’t pan out the first time… try again.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in the industry?

Laura:  Keep your personal & business finances separate from the start, it will make things much easier for you. Also don’t let admin build up, dedicate time weekly to keep up to date.

Andrea: Go to lots of trade fairs and design fairs, get an idea on how your stall will be set up and speak to your peers about which set ups are more successful and why.

What do you wish you’d designed?

Laura:  The Anglepoise lamp, a fantastic functional design classic and great when working on small fiddly bits of jewellery!

Andrea: the Archi Castiglioni Arco lamp. It’s perfect, and a timeless classic.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

Laura:  I’d like to think I can continue down this path for some considerable more time! But if not Paisley Pins I would still be designing and making jewellery in some form, probably concentrating more on alternative materials & experimentation, I think there is a bit of a scientist in me somewhere.

Andrea: I’d only be doing this! I left a career within graphics to study jewellery as it’s been a lifelong passion of mine alongside photography. I designed the acrylic pin off the back of a suggestion from my mum. We had no idea that they would resonate with people so much. Laura and I created our current collection to feed our curiosity for new techniques. Since we’re both quite new to this, everyday really is a learning day! The range just grew very organically as we used our own backgrounds in design to develop and explore new materials and skills.

What is your own favourite piece from your collection?

Laura:  For me it has to be the new neon acrylic range, particularly the necklace. It combines all the techniques I loved from studying jewellery – fabrication, rivets, laser cutting/etching – with bright fun colours.

Andrea:  I’m currently working on some silver cast pieces in-filled with brightly coloured resin so that’s currently holding my attention, although I do like the acrylic pins. I like to mix and match the colour ways to match whatever I’m wearing.

Why InCube?

Both:  This has been such a positive experience for us, we have learnt so much in such a short time. Being part of a larger network has created opportunities and new avenues which we would never have thought of without the help of the Incube team, such as corporate gifts and workshops.

Having the additional opportunity to trade in the InCube Shop has helped us to work what does and, more importantly, doesn’t sell.

The whole InCube team are really helpful and knowledgeable in their own areas and do their job with an infectious passion, it’s hard not to feel motivated.

Quick Fire Questions

IG or Twitter?

Laura: IG

Andrea: I don’t really understand twitter so its insta all the way for me.

Sketchbook or computer?

Laura: Computer

Andrea: both….one feeds the other.

Favourite food?

Laura: Anything Italian – but if pushed asparagus risotto.

Andrea: Vietnamese Pho, it’s fresh, tasty and nourishing.

Favourite design product?

Laura: The Anglepoise Lamp

Andrea: if it’s not my Arco lamp then I really love my ceramic Mr Owl stool by this cool Portugese company called KARE

Best spot in Paisley?

Laura:  Abbey Close, on a nice day, people watching.

Andrea: My mums house.