Paisley Pins is a range of paisley pattern inspired jewellery from designer/maker Laura Provan. Combining hand-making processes with casting, laser cutting/etching & using bright acrylics, anodised aluminium & sterling silver, Laura creates jewellery with a contemporary twist on the traditional paisley pattern that is at the heart of her home town’s heritage. All of Laura's jewellery is made in her studio based in Paisley.


The curved tear drop motif of the paisley pattern is believed to be of Persian origin & was popularised in Kashmir shawls from the turn of the 19th century. The production of these shawls were labour intensive & expensive. In the early 1800’s the town of Paisley in the West of Scotland started producing replica Kashmir shawls on looms making them quicker & cheaper to produce than the originals.

The paisley pattern is such an important part of Scotland’s heritage that in 2017 the first shawl made in Paisley was named as one of the top 25 objects that shaped Scotland’s history. Paisley weavers took an item in great demand & used their skills & technology to produce the shawls on such a vast scale the pattern became synonymous with the town, & is still referred to as the paisley pattern today.

Over the years the pattern has gone in & out of fashion but it is such an iconic design it is still being adapted today, testament that the paisley pattern truly has enduring appeal.